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Vacuum toilets are widely used in railway applications, and Jets™ has supplied vacuum toilets to railway operators for several years. Passenger comfort increases with Jets™.

Proven reliable performance and very limited sewage volumes make Jets™ systems the perfect choice for rolling stock, where water tanks and sewage collecting tanks have to be kept as small as possible. We have long experience in this field, and our products are highly suitable for these demanding applications.

Sanpack™ is an extremely compact solution for any railway sanitation challenge. This innovative solution is a true plug-in module that uses less than half a square metre / 5 square feet for everything needed to serve 2 toilets!

Click here for a visual presentation of Sanpack™ module’s features.

Size matters
With its simple and compact design, the Sanpack™ gives train operators the benefits of less weight, fewer parts, simpler logistics and a smaller footprint onboard the train.

Easier installation
Because the Sanpack™ is a true prebuilt plug-in module, there is less planning and project work to do. There is also less installation work. This in turn means:

Less manpower needed
Less need for subcontractors
Less commissioning/testing
Less downtime

The freshwater tank can be equipped with a heater for increased passenger comfort. The Vacuumarator™ pump can also be heated in areas with risk of freezing.

The unit weighs only 140kg/300lbs!
(Weight may vary according to specifications.)

The compact size of a Jets™ system and its flexible piping options makes it ideal for installation in all types of rail applications. The pump can be installed separate from the toilet for easier installation. The water and collecting tanks can be installed totally independent of the pump’s location.

For all types of rolling stock
In some rail cars, installing a prebuilt sanitation module like our Sanpack™ may not be an option. This is often the case with retrofits, where there is limited design flexibility because the new components must fit in a older car design.

Jets™ solution
Fortunately, our products work just as well in a customized installation. Their design and integration flexibility means they can be installed in virtually all applications.

Components available
Our modular product range means that we can supply the components needed for your specific application. If you have a sanitary challenge, we want to know about it and help you solve it.

Jets™ offers superb sanitary comfort with high-quality products that make the travelling experience more comfortable for today’s demanding travellers.

Increased comfort
Products made from stainless steel or elegant porcelain combined with efficient vacuum flushing, results in a clean bowl after every flush. Automatic flushing is also available.

Hygienic and fresh
The vacuum system is completely closed. No odours or bacteria-laden aerosol from toilet flushes can escape. In addition to a vacuum valve in the toilet, a water trap ensures hygienic conditions after every flush. The Jets™ system extracts up to 80 litres / 21 gallons of air from the toilet cubicle – adding an extra level of hygiene.

Environmental benefits
The Vacuumarator™ pump grinds waste to a macerated pulp that is optimal for any sewage treatment system. The Jets™ system can already handle stricter regulations for greywater discharge.

All-in-one VOD™
With Vacuum On Demand (VOD™), the Vacuumarator™ pump generates vacuum to remove the waste in an effective all-in-one operation.

Withstands freezing temperatures
Jets™ offers a system to drain the water from the pump, as well as a heating system that keeps the pump from freezing.

24V, 36V, 72V and 110V DC power can all be used, as well as 115V and 230V AC power. A water source is the only other connection needed, making our solution a true plug-in system. There is no need for compressed air.

Manufacturers and operators will find that a Jets™ system has many advantages, and can deal with waste from both toilets and wash basins. Several units can be connected to a single Vacuumarator™ pump. The compact and flexible solutions offer great potential to designers, and are highly suitable for retrofits. Toilets for disabled people are available.

Cabin and rolling stock manufacturers

  • The system can be supplied with toilets or inner bowls
  • No compressed air is needed
  • One module system can serve two toilets
  • Compact design makes the most of the space on board
  • Lightweight plastic tanks simplify design
  • Toilets for disabled users are available
  • Highly suitable for refurbishment projects
  • Compact and flexible solutions offer great potential to designers
  • Tested and approved

Railway operators

  • Low maintenance and low life cycle costs
  • Supreme comfort for passengers
  • Highly efficient flushing
  • Hygienic and odour free
  • One-step operation with
  • Vacuum On Demand (VOD™)
  • Control and monitoring systems ensure stable and reliable functioning
  • Low water and power consumption
  • Easy to inspect, service and repair
  • The Vacuumarator™ pump grinds solids to prevent clogging, and foreign objects are trapped before they get to the pump
  • Proven performance at high altitudes and freezing temperatures


ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen – Austrian Federal Railways) is the national railway system in Austria, and also operates Liechtenstein’s railway system.

In refurbishment projects, ÖBB has replaced toilets in sleeping cars with Jets™ sanitary systems.




LILO in Austria: 10 years of Jets™ experience

Linzer Lokalbahn (LILO) is a light railway linking Linz with outlying villages.

Here, Jets™ vacuum technology has proved its ability to function reliably at high altitudes: over 2,000 metres / 6,000 feet.

In 2000 LILO installed Jets™ systems in several trains. In 2006 the Sanpack™ module was chosen for LILO trains equipped for the ÖBB network.




Rhätische Bahn (RhB) has the largest network of all the private railways in Switzerland.

There are 180 Jets™ installations in their fleet of rolling stock.


Several hundred locomotives in China have Jets™ systems installed.

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