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Fluid Liner

Fluid Liner is an electromagnetic induction system which prevents the development of crystal structures and scaling on the pipe walls. It also prevents sedimentation and encrustation of hard deposits on the pipe walls.

Its application results in an increased flow rate of the fluid. It consists of two main components; inductors and a high-performance controller. The inductors are wound around the pipes, exposing the fluid to an alternating electromagnetic field, thus producing an electromotive force across the fluid. This electromotive force has an impact on the physical characteristics of the fluid, which leads to a decreased surface tension, a reduced development of crystal structures and hard deposits on the pipe walls are effectively averted.

Its application is in municipalities, mining and industrial sewage, water treatment plants and transportation of slurries. Other areas of applications are: Paper industry, galvanic/electroplating industry, production of Biogas and Bioethanol, chemical industry, reverse osmoses and ultrafiltration systems, groundwater extraction, drinking and heating water supply, leachate from landfills, cooling units, towers and cooling circulation circuits, food industry, raw sewage and digested sludge pumping, digesters, pumps, heat exchangers, centrifuges and other dewatering equipment, reject and filtration water pumping, stripping columns, nitrogen elimination systems for high polluted water, outlet and transfer pipes to the receiving water.

Fluid Liner has been applied to over 100 wastewater treatment plants in Europe. Notable benefits include removal of sedimentations, increased pipe diameter, pressure reduction, reduction of energy costs, reduces downtime, reduced costs of chemicals and maintenance costs. In some plants, the ROI (Return on Investment) was realised after just 12 months of installation of the Fluid Liner.

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