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SA Biotech’s goal is to provide sewer and drain cleaning services of the highest quality to reduce the negative effects of blocked manholes, sewer lines and drains. Blocked manholes can cause foul odours, overflowing of wastewater and can potentially contaminate the environment if not attended to quickly. 

Because of these negative effects, sewer cleaning and maintenance providers need not only be responsive but must maintain the highest health and safety standards at all times.

We take every step necessary to ensure the well-being of the environment, our clients and our employees. 

This focus on health and safety has secured our reputation as a reliable and responsible operator in Gauteng.

 Our clients include hospitals, municipalities, schools, businesses and private individuals.  Where possible we work closely with our clients to offer regular cleaning and maintenance plans to prevent leaks or blockages and to manage costs. 

Our fleet of jetting tankers are fully equipped with the latest drain cleaning technology to quickly clear and clean blocked drains and sewer lines. Our tankers also remove large volumes of waste and wastewater from site to disposal, recycling and treatment centres.

Services we offer:
• Jetting services
• Cleaning of sewer pipes, manholes, storm water drains etc
• Liquid waste removal

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