Ultima C200 AC Vacuumarator



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Jets™ Ultima C200 DC Vacuumarator™ pump

The Ultima C200 is an exciting addition to our Vacuumarator™ range. Composite materials are used extensively, allowing for low weight. Its vacuum capacity, however, surpasses that of the 10NT model which is comparable in size.

  • Air capacity: 9.5 m3/hr (50{6637502ca33abfb483e2563bdb89de7a85f3f8e84c42437ec04b71cfce48433e} vacuum) 50 Hz
  • Material: Metal and composite
  • Motor: 1.1 kW / 1.27 kW (50Hz / 60 Hz)
  • Power connection: 230V AC
  • Weight: 15.3 kg

Detailed specs
External dimensions: 380 x 161 x 275 mm (L x W x H)
Connection, inlet: 50 mm
Connection, outlet: 40 mm

Pump house material: Composite
Rotor material: Composite
Knife material: Stainless steel
Shaft material: Stainless steel

Available voltages: 230V AC

The Ultima C200 Vacuumarator™ pump is designed for connection to any kind of sewage treatment plant, collecting tank or virtually any other processing or storage unit.

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