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The KPS pumps series is equipped with liquid cooling allowing uninterrupted operation in suction and pressure mode.

The KPS pumps series is for applications requiring uninterrupted long-lasting uninterrupted operations (eg oil wells, combined vehicles, industrial applications).

The KPS series is the ideal choice for professionals and contractors. 

Standard equipment 

  • Automatic lubrication (2, 3 or 4 points), cooling pump, 4-way valve, non-return valve, side outlet with discharge curves, Long Life pallets, Crash Protection System
  • Connection pipes available: Ø 76 mm (3 “) / Ø 80 mm / Ø 100 mm (4”) / Ø 120 mm


With multiplier for shaft drive 540-1000 rpm

Smooth shaft with key

Drive shaft with shaft 1000 rpm

Drive with hydraulic motor

Drive with hydraulic pump support 540-1000 rpm

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